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If you like to look up girl's skirts, then look no further.   These secretaries in their sexy suits  and stockings are more than happy to let you sneak peeks at their panties.  Their uniforms are real and very sexy.   They wear bikini panties and they wear briefs. The girls are sexy and a lot like the girls you see on the street and in the shops.  No plastic models and no trashy sex store uniforms. Click on the photos to your left to enlarge.
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As a member of you also get free access to another stocking and slip girls site: Remember when girls wore real panties and only the naughtiest let you look up their skirts?  A flash of stocking tops, garter belts & glimpse of their  panties would put you on cloud nine.  If you were  lucky, you might get a sexy magazine from a friend.  We have the pictures and movies you wish you had.  Lots of them.  Pretty girls, sexy girls, slutty girls spreading their legs and lifting their skirts for your private enjoyment  Girls from the 50's, 60's and 70's showing off, having sex. Enjoy all of these sexy movies and photos right now.  JOIN NOW - CLICK HERE!!!


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