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main.gif (27279 bytes)If you are reading this, you have probably been pretty frustrated trying to find real secretary uniform sites on the Internet.  Most are girls in plastic nurse's uniforms, fake police uniforms, and sex store maids. You have just arrived at the best secretary site on the net featuring real girls in real suits.  We have secretaries, receptionists, stewardesses, school girls, nurses, and all in real uniforms.   They will raise their skirts, let you crawl under their skirts, show off their lingerie, play with their panties and show off their panty lines for you.  They cross their legs and display their stocking tops and let you peek at their garter straps.  Just the sexiest real secretaries on the net.
Ashley - Sexy Secretary
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Sexy secretary Ashley is a vision in polka dots. She told us she had been given some vintage panties she just adores and wondered if we would like a peek. Who were we to turn down such a rare offer from such a rare beauty?

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Mary - Sexy Secretary
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Pretty secretary Mary asked us if we thought her skirt was a little too short. She says that her stocking tops show when she crosses her legs. We told her that that was what made stockings interesting.

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Bonny - School Girl
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Bonny is such a pretty schoolgirl. Her uniform is so proper and she looks so sweet. It's hard to imagine her in such sexy underwear. Hard but fun.

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Susan - Secretary

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Sexy secretary Susan was perplexed when she dressed for work today.   Pantyhose or stockings?  She wasn't quite sure, so she wore both...
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Ashley - Sexy School Girl
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School's out for pretty longhaired Ashley and aren't we delighted.  It seems her college has let her out a little early for being such a good girl. 
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Jenny - Sexy Secretary

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It seems pretty secretary Jenny had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction at work.  She dressed in such a hurry that she didn't notice that her skirt is just a little too short.
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